Monday, January 18, 2016

UPM Fiqh Medic talk 16/1 #DIAgnosis2

I came early to the event. It was not difficult to drive from Shah Alam to Serdang. The UPM medical department is just beside Serdang Hospital. The students who received me did not know who I was. It was okay ..takpela.. haha  Im not as famous as Ben or Anwarlah kan. haha 
Our slot was due at 11am as the third slot. We were his sideshows.  I was keen to listen to the talk of the earlier slots. It was about Medic fiqh by Ustaz Fauwaz Fadzil Noor. Alhamdulillah, I was not disappointed. He was a good speaker and I am lucky to have his book with me. A souvenir signed by Ustaz Fauwaz himself. He is the son of Allahyarham Ustaz Fadzil Noor (past president of PAS). I am sure he will follow his dad's footsteps.
 He dazzled the crowd with his persona and jokes. The mood was elated after his session. I said oh no.. we have to keep the momentum going. Me and Azah were due to speak about Depression among medical students. Honestly, if we were not careful it can be a very dry topic for a forum. We had to step up! 
 I wasi n my Maharaja Lawak mode haha I am lucky it sort of click otherwise it could have been a disaster! I must apologize to the moderator as she was the person whom i picked for the crowd's entertainment.We broke the ice and the crowd was certainly concentrating on our event.
I started of by defining definition and the data which depicts that in general 1/3 of medical students anywhere in the world facing this problem. 
Azah was at her usual best - "mini" Prof Muhaya; a true inspiration and role model to the medical students. 
It was an enjoyable session and I thank the organizing committee for inviting us. Of course, my hunch was my name will not be the first in their minds to invite but Insha Allah, I will always give my best to share and hopefully the crowd benefited. :) 

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