Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shah Alam 21k night run

After the talk during the day, guess what i did that night? haha

I DID NOT PRACTICE AT ALL FOR THIS RUN. And i registered post hajj aritu kononnya motivation la to start running again. Haha My mileage before this run was probably only 6km per week itupun tak tentu!
I've totally lost my fitness and slowly trying to regain it back. I had second thoughts about not coming for this run but its the new year, so i have to change something! Haha so belasah je la. Lets see how far i can go. I sort of "retired" last year and hence i can say that i've not run competetively for almost a year! I registered for few but chickened out at the very last minute because i did not have the motivation. 2016 lain sket aa.. 
 Puncak Event became the main organizer for this run. ALhamdulillah, bisnes Deeno and Pak Am maju jaya as they are organizing more races now. Doing really well insha Allah and I will supportthem in any way that i can. Termasukla join the race hehe 
 The running route was phenomenal. It was superly humid but that is not my excuse for doing a very slow time. Obviously, i did not train for this run so it was a disaster. If it was 10km i would have been not too bad. But 21km?/ haha memang gila lah. But then again, 10km is of not so much challenge. The pain of reaching the finishing line is something i've missed for at least one year. Ada umph lari 21km! But definitely not 42km hahaha yang itu kalau tak train memang cari nahas! 
 I ran for 10km and after that a leisurely walk for the next 11 km hahaha seriously! Felt good at the beginning thinking eh.. macam boleh je ikut pace. But reaching 8km i knew it was my delusion haha time tu pun kaki cam nak cramp! hahaha So better slow down as if i injure myself tak habis the route, lagilah buat malu! 
Managed to reach the finish line in one piece. NO obvious injury but at times twitches je lah. Alhamdulillah, yang penting tak injured. I do need to buck up for my project this year! Especially to get back my fitness. It made such a difference when you are fit! I do hope to find time in between my busy days to run insha Allah. 

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