Monday, January 04, 2016

The force awakens review

Kecoh-kecoh satu Malaysia and I was part of the craze as well! Haha We actually watched it on the first day of release, it was supposed to be buying school clothes day but we got diverted. How can I not watch it and my kids were as excited as well to be watching it on 3D. Haha I did not have to book in advance because it was a working day. Sure banyak tiket nye show pagi-pagi and it certainly was.
 First of all whatever the souvenir was available, belasah bought all haha and of course the excitement watching it again. And bila credits mula tu pun I was like.. fuiyyoo..fuiyyoo.. haha memang true fan lah! 
 JJ Abrams did justice to the franchise. He was not too CGI thus the excitement felt real. The battle scenes were amazing and simply mesmerizing! For the hardcore fans this movie was what everybody waited for. The speculation and theories which came out in 1985 after the ROTJ resurfaced and it was interesting to discuss amongst friends :) Haha 
However, the storyline was too predictable, macam remake. So for that value memang kureng ah.. but who cares! This is the Star Wars that we all waited for! I can still remember the disgust and disappointment when Episode 1 was released. It did not capture the trilogy spirit but it was enough to make people understand why there was 4,5 and 6. Now 7 is up and the expectation is high to see what is in store for 2017 - Episode 8.

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