Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ad hoc call

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I was happily having trouble with my first elective caesarean section patient when Susheela came in and told me that Aktar's ( who is on call ) wife is in labour.That means either one of us will have to do the call yesterday.Susheela had just came back fro 2 days MC for a bad flu ; which means that I am the sole candidate ! haks.. Kelam kabut jugak as i had to go back home and take my things.

The call was mild ; just the normal routine "kelam-kabut"ness of the OnG side to do caesareans. I don't mind doing OnG calls because I enjoy it. I don't mind putting epidurals in the middle of the night unlike few of my colleagues. Somehow , you became the patient's saviour in relieving their pain.It's worth the effort to see them smile and happily nursing their baby. It is very rewarding when they thank me during removal of the catheter after the delivery.Its not what I yearn but I believe as a doctor you've done your job to help them. Alhamdulillah , my epidurals proceeded to vaginal delivery on not the OT table.

by the way , after a lengthy complaint ; the management have repaired the toilet ! Apparently the air con is working as well but it smells la pulak !haks.. The fan was adequate for me and I slept in that room last night ; only to be awaken up by the pager at 4 am !

me : Dr. Mafeitz anaes here.. anybody paiged me ?

houseofficer : mmmm... kejap yee... **yelling ** ada sesapa paige anaes ke ?

background : PAeds... Paeds...

houseofficer : Alamak doctor.. sorry..salah paige lerr...

me : eee.eee..leeeehhhhhhh....

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha
Bilik atas panggilan,eh?

mafeitz said...

direct translation maah.. i bet they consulted foreign firms to do the signage then..