Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Trying to get into the right gear

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It had been quite some time since I sat down and study. Well don't think i've dedicated my time to do so since i ended medical school. After the punishing 6 years of my life why should i do so right ? haks..It was such a liberation after graduation because I don't have to mug the lot any more. True enough , "thinking" doctors is what every medical institution aims for ; but without hardcore knowledge - no point thinking then doing rubbish. ( the main difference between us in the medical fraternity with politics)

I've been in the post graduate programme for the past 5 months now and I am still procrastinating to start reading up. My major Part 1 will be next November ; thus the more reason why my mind refuses to get my brain working. I have my aptitude in January which is not counted at all but still.. hello !! Wake up boy !! Enough of the honeymoon...

I am not the type who can sit hours on the table ; mugging things in. I like action and that is why I am in anaesthesia. Unfortunately , I have to be the MASTER in Physiology and Pharmacology before I can declare myself a competent anaesthetist ! Mak aii.. so many things to grasp ..

Being in the maternity posting these 2 months should give me enough room to study as the elective Caesarean list is not as heavy as the OT list. By 12 noon it is over and I'm back at home. I've been handling the cases alone for the past 2 days as my senior colleague had to take emergency leave for her child's sake undergoing surgery for torsion of testes.

I have to discipline myself to sit on that table and study...

and not engaging on my PS2 playing Winning Eleven.......

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