Thursday, November 23, 2006

November rain

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It's a very wet month so far.Rain kept coming everyday - spells lasting from an hour to 3 hours. Sometimes its the descriptive cats and dogs , sometimes just a sudden gush which resolved in a glance.It made me gave up to clean my car as it will become dirty again after work.

My calls this month had kept me away from my routine Tuesday nite badminton. Therefore , my health seems deteriorating and I can sense my panting after walking up the stairs to the departments office.My aim to have my weight nearing the normal BMi looks impossible as my meals frequency had increase. Its a tradition in the Anaes department to have inter case coffee breaks , as well as the early morning breakfast , lunch etc... Hahaha.. you see what i mean. And how can i resist ?

Wifey and I are currently busy looking for the best deal in terms of financing our home. We just booked a link house in the Bukit Jelutong area and it is a headache thinking about the money we are going to "invest". I had a torrid time trying to understand the jargons with house buying and it is a dilemna to think of which financing scheme to take. Each has its pros and cons. At the end of the day, can you afford it will be the ultimate question.

On top of that , I get to go back to the OT after my coffee break to see wonders in medicine... ( apart from the new HOs and nurses ... )

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