Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The new ride

Friday evening in the OT - I was doing a laparotomy when i received a phone call from Azad...

Telal.. free tak ? "

" I'm on call lar.. whussup ? "

" BArang sudah ade... kena amik cepat.."

" Damn....damn... I'm not free to go out.. "

" Bila boleh ? "

" After 12 kot... "

Well , I did not pick it up at midnight but first thing the next morning. My brand new bicycle !! Hahahaha... Its a real bargain - but i can't disclose where i got it and for how much. COnfidential lor.. :) UNfortunately , it came in a box so i had to assemble it myself. I'm not the DIY person so much.. but here goes..

the raw body

seperti tikus membaiki labu

almost done..

Haks ! My brand new PROTON : T-bolt !Memang dilahirkan to ride on PROTONS only ! Hahahaha ! Assembling the bike was not an easy job i must say. I had to fix the fork - handle and brakes myself ! Thanx Azad for the bargain - I guess we can go and have a ride this weekend !!