Sunday, May 20, 2007

Night of winners

I followed Azad for his company's picnic trip to Chilling today. Mafiz followed us as well , both me and him were the "sweeper" for the day. I enjoyed myself very much as Chilling is the place to go for a short weekend dip. Unfortunately , my phone made the dip too and if any of you are having difficulties contacting me these few days , I am resuscitating my handphone !!!

Pictures later... tak sempat nak download lagi..


ON another note , we had 2 finals last night. AF vs FA !!! I shouted in joy when i flicked to channel 82 at 12.30am.. and... DROGBA ... goaaall..!!!! and that cry - woke Dzaeff up !!

Mila deserved the win.. and Chelsea.. thank you for making my night :) It was a treat seeing Ferguson's red cheeks blushing so much after the loss !!

p/s ( Can someone pass this message.. )
I voted for you... noni... always !!! but you were not in the finals.. camana tu ??? :)


mz ayam said...

Hmmmm...can't believe you succumb to AF! heheheh

Dr.M said...

Sometimes you need some form of imaginary entertainment !! Hahaha..