Thursday, May 24, 2007


I managed to sort out with my fellow surgeons to take a break ( well , we finished all our cases by 2 am anyway ) during the footie match. I was tired but hey , you'd never know if Liverpool might not reach this stage anymore in the near future. "It's heartbreaking.." Gerrard.
We lost to a top class team .. " Benitez.

The mighty scousers lost and Milan is the King of europe for the 7th time. Looking back at the game , they deserved it as Liverpool did not capitalize fully their chances.

"I don't watch football, I've a lot of things to do.Even badminton,I ask my wife to watch & she tells me if they win.If they lose,don't tell me or I cannot sleep.I've always said it is silly for 22 people to chase one ball. Buy one each" ~ Tun Dr.M


sbanboy said...

Wah .... wish I had Astro :D

azad said...

I like Mahathir's comment about soccer. What was comments on golf pulak? ;)