Monday, July 06, 2009

FIshes galore - a retrospective entry

Before going to Riau , I made it a point to spend some time with wifeya nd kids. Wifey is less stressed now with her ongoing thesis saga that hopefully will end next month. She needed the break and that was why the whole entourage will follow me to KK afterwards.We wanted to go to the zoo but as the timing was off , we went to Aquaria instead.
We brought Dzaeff here when he was 6 months old but i don't think he remembered or noticed any of that!

I must say , it was Qaisya's trip because she was very uncharacteristic ( the usual difficult child to handle syndrome @!!!) and she enjoyed herself very much. Her eyes were shining all the way and she even sang as she was walking and i know she truly enjoyed hersef. I suspect she felt in love with the fishes and that was the reason when we bought her the discounted fish from the souvenir shop; she did not let it go at all until she went to sleep that night !! :)

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