Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tutorials galore

In the preparation for finals, I must say that my batch is currently getting a lot of teaching . It was obviously absent for my seniors until it was near to judgement day. This time around we started early which was during the first week of us being final years!! It has been going on intensely with at least 2 tutorials per week . We've been having Prof Patrick's class regularly since Year 3 therefore by right the vacuoles in our heads should be filled or if not at least half of it ; to have some sort of idea what anaesthesia is all about.
However, this creates more pressure ( to me at least) to perform well in the coming May 2010 finals. It seems early now but considering the amount of knowledge that we should know in order to qualify ourselves as anaesthetic speacialists ; i reckon all this stuff are essential !!However , the more you think you know is the more things you don't know really... hahaha
I'm not fully geared up for the exams yet ; i guess i am more concerned with my ability to be a good specialist when i pass out. To be confident and having 3 -4 alternative thoughts of management instatenously is a challenge i have yet to master.. hehehehe ( mcm nak jadi jedi laaa...)

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