Sunday, July 19, 2009

One of those rare night..

I'm a Liverpool fan , therefore when MU mentioned that they were coming to Malaysia it did not excite me at all. I was left wndering why Liverpool preferred Thailand and Singapore ; missing Malaysia in between. I guess the fan base in Malaysia is not as strong as the ones sandwiching us.
Fiqar called me up and mentioned how he managed to wrest few tickets for the game.. when opportunities such as this arrive , of course I can't miss it !

No matter what , never will I don a Man U shirt for their game !! Hahaha but i turn up in a scouser's shirt ; sure kena pukul punya! But even if Liverpool were to play Malaysia ; I would still don up in the bright YELLOW of Malaysia ! Mestila sokong Malaysia !! Hahahahaha I reckon , those who turned up in yellow in Bukit Jalil last night were Liverpool fans looking forward to catch a glimpse of Owen !!

There were thousands of POSERS in the stadium area. Why I call them posers is purely because I can gurantee you that almost 70% who turned up yesterday were not the REAL stadium going crowd. Its just Man U is so popular that they had to be in the crowd. The usual scene of thousands of kapcai riders and their pillion passangers were obviously missing. The cheapest ticket price of RM58 is still too expensive except for the real hardcores who knew they can't miss MAn U being on Malaysia soil. One pakcik who were in our stand was fanatical and I respect his spirit and determination to chant for Malaysia all the way in that 90 minutes! True enough it was a bit of an ear sore ; but I have to give it to him.. Thank you Pakcik for your Malaysia BOLEH SPIRIT!!

The game was surprising. I reckon that everybody would have thought Man U would just gobble and wallop the young Malaysian team. I was in fact looking forward to Amri Yahya having a spat and fight with one of the Man U players ( knowing his style and temperament!! ). We managed to play some good football as there was movement and we wer not afraid to go forward and try. MAn U scored 2 goals with ease and you can see their quality glimpse here and there. However , Amri Yahyah broke the Malaysian duck with his cheeky chip voley that made Van Der Sar helpless! The stadium just went bonkers and I was jumping like a small kid ! Oh my god.. we scored and I was glad that i was present in the stadium to witness it! It was pure skill and not a "lucky" goal like the one Amri would score later to blush Ben Foster! Rafa... aren't you interested? HAhahahahaha

Amri Yahyah Malaysia 2.. Owen Liverpool 1.. = 3..
Man U ..2 ..
So who really won last night? hehehe

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mafiz said...

waahh..i tengok dekat ASTRO jek..memang best tengok M'sia main. they gave MU a good workout!