Saturday, July 25, 2009

Uniten Malakoff Duathlon leg 2

Honestly , eventhough i registered for this event early ; I was so sure of ditching it due to logistic reasons. I;ve not cycled on my T bolt for a very long time and this week i was not able to do any runs in the evening. Wifey was on her intensive "learn to swim" classes that I have to take care of the 3 kids in the evening till her return.
Azad called me.. volunteering to carry my bike with his and i never thought it would be possible ! Of course, bila dah kena racun i agreed and yes.. another event done! It was only Azad and me this time around. Uniten location in Serdang can be a bit of turn off i suppose especially when you don't really have the means to bring your bike with you.

We were in Uniten by 8am ; the race was scheduled for 9am which i consider to be a bit late. Uniten is barren and the cloud looked clear and not as hazy as it was few days back. I really haveto improve on my bowel opening ; as eventhough I thought i've "invested" enough at home in the early morning , I still had to go and settle it upon arrival in Uniten! hahaha we sneaked into a nearby college.. andd waahh.. ok settled !! :)
It was cool to have Shebby Singh as our emcee as his voice made the event "sound" good. We just had to take a pic with him so to justify our travels to Uniten.. hahaha The race started at 9am ish and off we went. I did realize the number of participants were markedly less compared to the UM event last year.

How was the race ? Damn blazing hot... TAK HINGAT PUNYA BAHANG !! I was literally roasted because i did not hav any cap or covering as i ran. The first 3km was good ; i actually did a bit of sprint !! well, not that i beat anybody but it was good to know that the body can cope with such stress.
And then came the transition to the bike. Riding a mountain bike is obviously a disadvantage but then..I'm here to compete with myself and see whether i can do it or not! The first lap was a killer for me because i was familiaring myself with the bike and this resulted me exerting too much effort.. Pancit gila-gila punya.. hahaha the 2nd and 3rd lap was better ( at least for me!!) and the most important thing; i rode all the way and did not have to push my bike ! oklah tu.. hahaha I noticed that they did not record our laps and anybody could have just cheated and do only 2 laps! But naaaahhh.. that is not the point of joining races such as this. You would end up cheating to yourself and i guess i will never do that. Eventhough i know
the 3km run back was obviously slower than my initial 3km but the adrenaline was good. It was 10amish and maaannn... i cannot describe the heat. The water bottles given were used to cool myself down from the outside ; but of course , it evaporated fast and its back to the blazing ray of the mighty SUN!!

Yeaaahh.. habis !! I did not time my run but i guess it was satisfactory. My biking was really bad but i am sure it is much better than last year's MUDS.
So what were the highlights of this event today for me?
1. Pic with Shebby..
2.Pic with Samantha Schubert.. hehe
3.I am so dark now that i'm sure everybody in the department will ask what happened to me on Monday !! Hahahaha

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Azad said...

Jangan lupa beli bike rack... a must have for a dua/triathlete. :)