Sunday, October 18, 2009

A legend unknown.

Read reviews about this movie on the paper. What made me interested was not about who was in this film but about the legend itself. Its very close to where I came from and I've never heard of this before. To make the story simple, it is about a man called awang who in fulfilling his custom by going away before marrying his true love, betrayed and when he came back ran amuk and killed 99 people during his ex fiance's wedding. There is always some truth in every legend and I guess , the unfortunate 99 killed were true and maybe the spear's magic could have been exagerrated as how legends are.
Its not the first time a johorean is associated with amuk. Remember Laksmana Seri Bentan who killed Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang? or the famous legend of Kiyai Salleh Selempang Merah who slashed the communists during chaotic 14 days of terror.
I wonder( those who know me may have witness this trait) my sudden burst trait is an inheritance? If that is so.. jangan main-main oooo.. hahaha

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