Saturday, October 17, 2009

National Anaesthesia Day - Day2-3

After the hectic first day, day 2 and 3 was just a breeze. Day 2 was about Prof YK continuing her Acute Care Workshop. I've always enjoyed Nawar's session on Losing Control. A true life experience of hypoxia and death with videos to depict it will always be the highlight of this workshop. His invaluable experience in the Top 10- Astronaut selection is priceless and only those who had been there can share it well with all the audience.

Day 3- Friday was the MSA CPD ( Continuous Professional Development) lectures where we had our own Profs namely YK Chan, MArzida and Patrick to share their knowledge and we had Dr Sharidan from UKM as well with us. The topics were interesting but I guess being on a working Friday, only those who were really free would be able to join us.

Overall, I reckon the committee had their share of fun and stress while officially skiving from the usual normal routine! I must congratulate Meng Li, Lai, Carolyn and of course the backbone staff of Susanty, Sham , Zahu and Khairil for without their upmost commitment behind the scenes, we could have embarrassed the department.... BIG TIME... I salute Prof Marzida for her persistence and calmness on managing crisis situations which I reckon if I was in her shoes ..dah lama meletup!! Hahaha And of course, to Prof YK Chan for her vision on her pet "Acute Care".I wished that we had the VC himself on the opening ceremony to see how we manage to organize it well, thus i do hope that the DVC who came on his behalf would be kind enough to mention it. However, as one of the insignificant events that can be unlikely!

However, I am a bit dissapointed that we did not have the full suppose-to-be support from the department. Who else should celebrate Anaesthesia Day if it is not us? The attendance from the department with the greatest human capital in the hospital was appauling to the max. I know my colleagues were all very happy to come for these events at least on the opening ceremony cum book launch day but they were tied up to do list in the OT. I don't know why it was not at all possible to have the OT list half day that day.. Are we just plain degraded slaves who do not have any rights at all? I cannot comprehend the level of communication we are at !
It was a good experience for me and I realize that in the future, I know what I want my department to be like.

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