Sunday, October 18, 2009

Raya dah nak habis..

Syawal will be over very soon. It had been a good celebration by Malaysians despite the uncertainty of economy by the number of invitations I received for open house. In a way it spoilt me because I've been eating, eating and eating... gained weight and my running traning programme .. hancus !! hahaha
I am keen to organize my own open house ; inviting family, neighbours and friends for a good food and meet up after a long hiatus. Facebook reunited me with lots of old friends and how nice it would be to see them again. This is especially since we've moved to the new place.
However, my intention was shot down to the grown and buried 7 feet under.. hahahaha with statements like..
"Rumah belum habis pindah nak fikir open house"
"You always think about enjoying yourself and I have to do the shit work.."
WTF? Which i felt there was no point arguing with wifey when crappy negative statements like that were produced. I refused to be drawn into purposeless and stupid argument and if I do, I'll be the stupid one!!
I guess I have to wait till the time she comes out of her antisocial mode.. Patut pun tak ramai kawan..


ikmal said...

Mbuaaaaaaah! Wow... and I thought MY WIFE was difficult

Azad said...

Sabar... sabar...

a-thousand-friend-less said...

Its easy to put others down.And its difficult to see the goodness in others.

Sacrifices made,only The Almighty knows.

It is nice occasionally, to really know what love is. And not just public condemnation eachtime when things are sour.