Thursday, October 15, 2009

National Anaesthesia Day 2009 - Day 1

Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Alex Delilkan the LEGEND.. always known as the full time cricket player and part time doctor.. :)
The first successful documented anaesthesia was given on the 16th of October 1846 by William TG Morton in Massachusetts; hence the beginning of a specialty in Medicine!!
The Anaesthesia day is celebrated with the intention of providing the public information regarding our job and career. By history, we were always the comic superheroes; men behind the mask who save lives but slowly that is changing! Its not about recognition per say but more of the medico-legal implications where when things go wrong, we are the obvious scapegoat!! hahahaha
UMMC after at least 4 years hiatus ( maybe longer.. no documentation available to check) held its own celebration from the 14th to 16th. I was roped into the committee because I volunteered to do it anyway.. hahaha My last involvement was in HKL before I left; and it was fun as we had our own "OT machines" in the lobby area for show. In UM it is a bit different, we are doing activities for these 3 days. Today was the launching and we were proud to have Prof Dr Hamzah , one of the TNCs to officiate. VC gave us his word earlier but I guess he had other priorities to fulfill on Wednesday afternoon. Our TNC launched 2 books as well, one by Prof Alex Delilkan and the other Prof YK. THe launching ceremony went well despite the earlier scare of nobody attending.( I have some issues on this but i don't want to mention it here..) It went smooth and we fulfilled TNC's KPI for us to settle it in 30 minutes. I guess the highlight of the day was VC's speech read by TNC when he mentioned about the 5 year masterplan.. :)
Of course, when the TNC was ushered to view the exhibition, I could not resist the temptation to play few short videos which I thought was interesting and fun to watch by the audience !! Hahahaha
I guess I must have inherited ( somehow) the cheekiness from Prof Delilkan as he is indeed a vey fun loving smart individual. His Prof Emeritus status is legendary as he was the first Prof from the medical fraternity to receive this award. He did inspire me in a way to do Aanesthesia when we had him for critical care teaching when I was undergraduate. To hear him speak in the afternoon about his passion on medical ethics was refreshing. Thanks Prof and I hope someday to follow your footsteps in achievements!!
That was day 1.. still 2 days more to go..

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