Sunday, October 04, 2009

Will we stay lucky forever?

I am truly sadden by the catastrophic disasters which happened last week. It was one after another and to think that one was on our left and the other on our right ... hmmm..scary.. MY condolonces and Alfatihah to the victims of the tragic natural disaster in Samoa and Padang..

wiped out coastline..

strong heritage relationship with us Malaysia..

What if god would just change only 10 degrees of quake origin angle? It would have been us and the thought of "quake-free" as we are off the tectonic plate is myth after all. Impossible is nothing and with the current haywire climate change, anything is possible. I know for a fact that we are ot prepared ever for such a tragedy and if it hits us.. the damages would be unimaginable..subhanallah...
Looking back though, these disaster characteristics are very concordant to the signs of armageddon which i learnt yonk years ago. The description is as it is and of course, with all the turn abouts in the world. THe thought of death and end of days is interwinned with my readiness to face it if it really happens during my lifetime ( ironically la tu..hahaha) One cannot avoid and one has to embrace it with faith i suppose...

If i am being given the chance to be on ground zero to help, I would not hesitate at all .. Call me.. Insya-Allah!!!

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