Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3 more months

Its the end of the month, end of October.. mid term for my current fellowship. Subhanallah, how time flies and in three months time I will be going home. I can't believe it myself that my tenureship will be over soon. I must say that if I was not offered the fellowship, I would have gone back end of August. However, I was in denial at that time and I may not have the closure as how i wanted it to be.
Now, in a way i am ready to go back. I have done all that i could; perhaps maximize my opportunities here from last September to perhaps this coming January.
I am thankful to Allah for the opportunity given as Alhamdulillah, despite me being away from the family; they are in good hands and somehow everything is going on well. I do miss my little ones and perhaps missed this 1.5 year bit of their lives. I know i should be by them at this critical period, guiding them to their own path. Perhaps god is fair, as without his grace, would not have given me this opportunity to reflect on myself, my career and my future endevours. The timing was just right and I am as you can see ( how i keep repeating it!) thankful.. bersyukur.
In terms of my career, I have certainly varied my professional development. It has not just been about cardiac anaesthesia and the set up, but anaesthesia all over again. The system of how a hospital work and the opportunity to train the Medical Emergency Team of the hospital. I've certainly improved my public speaking and perhaps incorporated a bit of Aussie feel of my English.. haha I am currently training with one of the mainstream regional anaesthetist hailed from the states.. what more can i ask?
In terms of my personal development, I am in the best Cardiovascular fitness of my lifetime. Lost and maintained my weight at its optimum; with my new hobbies on two wheels! Did my PB in my runs as well as an active advocator of bushwalking amongst Malaysians here.
I leave Perth with a heavy heart as my experience here has taught me a lot about life. 18 months is just nice for me to get over it and i guess its just rezeki. Rezeki datang dari Allah and I am sure what i will be facing back home will be a challenge and more adventures to come :)

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