Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Its my birthday again

Alhamdulillah.. Looking at the calendar, and it is the date i cherish most in my life. The day I was born. Wow.. My gratitude to the almighty for giving me the air to breathe; and for his grace to allow me to share his creations which is simply wonderful and fantastic.
There has been up and down, low and high in my life; which when i was younger i would never have thought I would be doing what i am doing now. I am thankful for the family and offsprings that he has given me. My syukur as we can only be thankful for everything that has been given to us.
Sometimes we tend to take things for granted; feeling what we have maybe inadequate and not realizing how lucky we are as compared to others.
I pray that Allah will keep me feeling thankful for his grace. cherishing every moment with no regrets. Its easy to stray away as those who is not satisfied with what one has. May I be protected to have such feeling as all i want is to feel happy with myself :)

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