Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Eagle View Walk Trail, John Forrest National Park

 After the initial slump of homesickness earlier in September, I had the urge to go outdoors. It was a last minute plan but somehow I had 8 people in the group to do this trek which is one of the recommended toptrails of WA.I even got Kathrin, an elective medical student in our Department to join us! The initial plan ofusing the public transport plan became a car pool trip for the 8 of us.I;ve been on the railway heritage trail before which is on the opposite site of this trek and i thought why not complete my list for the toptrail WA and become their ambassador later in the future.. haha
22 Spetember 2012, This day trip was in fact the reunion trek for the Stirling Range quads! Anissa, Farida, Syafiq and me!
 This trail is 15km long and the estimated time was about 4-5 hours to complete the loop. I am not sure how the group will do but they've been with me in other bushwalks i organized so they sort of know how i will push them when needed too :) The trek began with a short trail to the National Park Waterfalls. Aaah.. it was indeed a beautiful spring day and i guess everybody was amazed by the landscape that was offered.
 The cool thing about this trek was the amount of flora which is abundant. Wild flowers were certainly blooming all around and it made the walk not too tiring as we were mystiqued by the beauty of god's creation. I then understood why this walk is a toptrail recommended because memang puas hati! Everywhere you look somehow there will be a variety of colourful wildflowers that really made it nice and beautiful.
                                                Cantik tak cantik

                                                  lunch break 2/3 of the way
 We ended the trail at the Hovea Falls and Masya Allah, it was just so nice to be there at this time of the year! It was still the wet season so the falls were at its maximum water splurge. Of course me & Syafiq did our ceremonial dip eventhough it was damn cold water hahaha memang kena buat la.."Why Not?"
In the end we did enjoy the trek, the trail was an established one so we did not really require any GPS navigation. Going through the different ranges of the bush was amazing and perhaps it would have been more enjoyable if i had one of the experienced Ozzie bushwalkers to tell us which flowers and vegetations that we passed during this walk.


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