Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fremantle 21K run

 October has been a really busy month for me, work goes on as usual but the amount of other things that i do peaked every weekend. I wanted to join this run earlier but initially it overlapped with the Duathlon. Obviously Duathlon was my choice and somehow last week as I was going through the website, eehh.. they have changed the date! I booked my entry along with Azad as well who happened to be visiting me last week.
 We were off from my place as early as 630am. The starting point was South Beach Fremantle. It was a club affiar but the participation was healthy.. it may not be as glamorous as HBF run or City to Surf, but the normal enthusiast were up and early in the morning. There were 2 categories, the 5km and 21km. The wind was really strong that morning, there was a bit of drizzle but according to the weather report I was not too worried. But the wind was certainly blowing hard.. and cold!
 Azad was the first to go at 730am and the 21k category was let off at 740am. The pace was certainly fast as I tried very hard not to fall into the trap of trying too hard too fast. We were on for two loops , the track brought us up to Coogie Beach and a way back ; looping at the starting line.
 I had a comfortable start; pacing myself to my time. The wind was definitely a hazard as there were few times i did drift sideways haha but the scenery was magnifique; running along the sea. The crowd was very sporting and supportive as well, all looked really serious but at the same time having lots of fun themselves. The water station was enough.. I had no complaints as the volunteer continue to cheer us up. The track was relatively flat as there were not really any elevations.
 I thought i ran well until i reached the half way point; looking at the official timewatch saying 63 minutes.. hhmm.. there goes my sub-2 aim. Well, it did not deter me though as i continued my pace as perhaps maybe more comfortable than ever. The music with my phones are excellent; as how it helped me during my previous 42k event.

 I knew i was doing well in the last few kms as I was passing a number of runners. It felt good and i just thought lets just do it. According to my watch, i may just perhaps pip in the time that i want. Anytime that i do that day would definitely be my PB ever, lets see how fast i can go.
To my surprise as i was reaching the final stretch, the official time showed I am well under 2 minutes! Subhanallah! Apa laga.. i raced to the finishing line and Alhamdulillah.. my PB best ever 21k! timed sub-2.. at 1:51:46 .. waaaa.. that felt euphoric! My training for the past 1 year had produced me 2 PBS in my 2 events. On top of it.. I feel super fit at the moment!
 Thanx Azad for the wonderful photos and it was an enjoyable run with my PB as the reward! Dunno whether there are events for me to join in this coming weeks especially before February when I'm going back home for good :)
P/S Orang lain sume nak buat PB kan, my aim in this running events is one day to be running as a mascot or some sort of costume.. haha

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