Saturday, October 20, 2012

Azad's visit to Perth.. Eco-tourism style!

Azad came about for a week; only him alone as he was finishing his leave.It was nice to be reunited again, and both of us doing activities that we enjoy. I certainly made him work out this week! hahaha Well, i was sharing with him the Perth that i know and i dear most; perhaps the Perth that i will miss when i leave.
                                               Perth City
                                             Cycling in Kings Park
                                           Jacob's ladder last few steps.. hehe itu je la pun..
                                              Ride to City Beach
                                                         Belasah AUS8 eat all u can
                                                      Along Swan River ride..
                                          Rottness Island ride till West End

                                          West End memang cantik
                                         A dip alang-alang dah sampai Island

                                             Bushwalk in Thomson's Lake
                                                      Wet day though.. 9km trail
                                           Basah tak basah
                                            Radio Melayu interview

Glad that you enjoyed your week! It was certainly really physical but thats how i get you endorphin high :)

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ikmal said...

Macam adik beradik (setan).... mbuaaah....