Monday, February 11, 2013

13th Biannual RA Workshop in RPH

It was a priviledge to be involved in this workshop organized by Prof Krishna Boddu. I stayed one week in Perth to be involved in it and i reckon it was a superb experience facilitating an oversea's workshop. The stuff we do is not much different from the local Malaysian workshop but having to deal with the participants which are Consultants can be a bit intimidating to start off with.
 I was given the task to man the animal lab pig station. Yup you heard it right.. pig station! It was an experience i would not trade it with anything else as it was my first time handling an anaesthetised pig! I am thankful i was entrusted to man this by Krishna and i guess it is time since I was the Regional Fellow. I was also involved with the ethics video for Adriano's session as i was roped in to be one of the actors for it! It was fun and certainly having seeing yourself doing the spoofs can be a bit embarrasing.. haha but i certainly had fun :)
As any other workshop, it was tiring but at the end of it I was certainly satisfied.It was worth the trouble to stay here another week and a good end to my stint in Perth.

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