Monday, February 11, 2013

Shakti's farewell visit to Perth

Shakti was the one who made me come to Aussie 18 months ago. As i made a visit to his place earlier this year, he wanted to come to Perth when I'm still around.. so the circle is complete :)
He was only here for 3 days but i can tell you his activity here was super packed! I was trying to show him "MY" Perth and I reckon he did see Perth how I saw Perth. We did the walking, cycling, running, Jacob's ladder ( which Shakti hates the most.. haha) swimming and just purely physical activities! It was as if having a boot camp here and he was certainly whipped!
Swan River loop, UWA, Kings Park, Cottosloe.. it was just pure adrenaline bringing us around.. haha Good workout and honestly I was totally knackered after he went back!
 It was also a reunion for the 3 of us, the ICU team in PPUM 2010 and it brought a lot of memories :) Who would have thought a few years later we would meet up in Perth for dinner and career? This certainly tells you that you cannot predict what the future holds for you.

I brought Shakti to all my favourite places in Perth and it was my Au revoir to this place. Rottnest will always be my favourite Island and i am glad that I did say goodbye to it on my last week in WA.

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