Thursday, February 28, 2013

The journey never ends

When i started this blog, i was a junior medical officer; not knowing where my path wuld lead me. I had interest to do paediatrics but somewhere along the way, I've chosen to be an anaesthetist. It has been an ongoing journey and i am still learning, gaining experience and expertise to practice this wonderful art.
I feel blessed that along the way, I've crossed path with senior consultant anaesthetists, either directly or indirectly for me to absorb their experience in building my own wisdom. I've had the opportunity to exchange my views with Emeritus Prof Alex Delilkan (still my anaesthetist idol!) ever since i was in med school and now as a qualified specialist. I am thankful to have been under the professors of UM ( Gracie, Patrick, Wang, Lucy, Marzida) during my Masters training which had widen my horizon. Of course my stint in Perth was excellent, where i have my role models who i want to emulate.
Coming back home, now i have with me Prof Karis; one of the UKM Anaesthesia founders and a very senior Consultant.He is my current mentor and I believe I have a lot to learn from him. Not just the discipline but on managing a department and hospital.
Alhamdulillah,  i feel truly blessed to be with all of them in my journey of practicing Clinical Anaesthesia.

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