Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Home sweet home

It has been 2 weeks. Arrived in KL on the 12th of February; leaving all my Perth's sweet memories. It was not easy to leave i can tell you but I guess life has to go on. A lot of my peers asked me why did I come back since I've seemed to have embraced the Aussie lifestyle? haha Not an easy question to answer :(

I am still with UiTM; and i have pledged to set up something here, something big and perhaps a legacy for the future generation. Being the first batch of anaesthetist employed by UiTM, its my duty to honour my promise. Of course there will always be the dilemma of self vs needs. Ethically, this is the right thing to do for now. I have a unit to set up, students to teach and true.. Rezeki Allah di mana-mana.

I can foresee a lot of obstacles incoming, as how it has been for the past 18 months. I left and came back and we are still in square one. Not much of a progress. Its easy to blame here and there but the reality is the planning was bad. It is not easy to set up something big but a proper planning term is important to realize that. Insya-Allah, if we are sincere to do something, god will reward. The perseverence is the challenge as how my two initial colleagues went tangential in our destiny after a year post Masters. One is happily in the private; earning tonnes of money and the other in her business; seemed well too! I am still here, maybe an idealist; but not to be worried, i am a realistic idealist. I do give time for things to work and move on. Otherwise, it is such a shame to see such potential being shot down and put to grave. That is one thing i would not want to see; a project with so much promise demise.

Dengan lafaz Bismillah.. Que sera sera.. !

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