Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nuang summit via Janda Baik

 Do you think i would just sit down at home and not go out? Of course not!I am an outdoor freak and I will be restless if I am to just stay put at home or just plain city life!
Last Saturday as part of the EBC training, I joined Saf & Pakcik Burn to climb Nuang. But it was not the usual route which is from Ulu Pangsun; which could take us the whole day to do up and down. Instead, it was a route which i have heard but not explored; via Janda Baik. It was definitely the shorter route and more feasible for a relaxing day hike.
The day started with all of us meeting up at the Petronas station. After all members were identified (Well, Saf who was leading us on behalf of Deeno didn't know who's who..) we were off to Janda Baik for breakfast. It was a hefty nasi lemak but it was needed for the early morning carbo load! The starting point was near a small river and after du'a we were off! And of course, had to have our feet wet hahaha

 The sweet smell of the tropical rainforest.. how i've missed it for the last 18 months.It was humid and sweaty but it was a nice feeling to be back outdoors. The climb was fairly easy, nothing to technical but the mencanak part was still mencanak! In Perth, there was none of this as the bush was about flatlands!
The group moved at a reasonable pace and we arrived at the summit after 4 hours climb.

 The weather was good and the skies were really clear! I've never seen the surrounding from the mountain top as my previous summit was when the clouds were surrounding the peak. Subhanallah.. You can see KL from here. It was certainly nice and to amaze God's gift!
The climb down was rather fast as Amir wanted to be back before 6 to send his children for swimming. I followed him as I thought of going back early too. Amazingly it took us about 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach the starting point! I did force myself to descend and not too sure whether it was a good idea! It was to test my muscle fitness and we will see hahaha
Overall, the first outdoor outing was excellent and I can foresee me doing lots of this hopefully with the family in the near future.

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