Monday, July 21, 2014

Gaza Mission Chronicles 3: New friends new companions

It has been 4 days since we left Malaysia, we have tried to cross to Gaza thrice and now back in Cairo. Despite not being able to achieve our second objective which is to cross the border, i certainly have learnt a lot of things. That is why i have always enjoyed travelling. Either for leisure or fulfilling a specific objective,  i will always pick up something new. Meeting new people, new group is always a pleasure. People with various personalities, traits and of course their gifts. Everybody will always have a special talent which makes them stand out from another individual.We have yet to work professionally as a team but the indications on this past four days of crisis has been good.
Dr Hasbe, the only lady in our team  is my senior (both age and Masters Anaesthesia).I have always enjoyed a good working relationship with her. She is definitely a brave lady for volunteering in this project. Knowing her personality, i am sure she is an asset to our team! She is very straight forward no holds barred and never hesitant to voice out her opinion!haha I have always enjoyed her scoldings.
Our team leader, Dr Mohd Nor Sundari an orthopaedic surgeon in Kuantan Medical Centre. A senior surgeon i haven ever met him in my lifetime until on the day of departure. We did not even talk on the phone because i only communicated with him via the whatsapp! (wonders of technology) 
Dr Zairul Nizam is a spine surgeon whom i have met via locum before. I am sure he would not have recognize and remember as young anaesthetists doing locums are invisible haha However, he is the husband to my Intensivist in HKL when i was an MO, Dr Airini. Both Dr Zairul and Mohd Nor has been in Gaza before so it is much desired that they lead this group. Besides that, both are active member of I-Medik, a muslim doctors NGO which was recently formed. Having to lead this mission is certainly a big publicity to the NGO.
Last but not least would be Dr Kamarul Haq, my room mate. He is an orthopaedic surgeon whose sub specialisation would be trauma.It is not difficult to recognize him because he looks and has Van Diesel's persona haha Even few people thought he was a member of the military escorting us! Maybe i don't know hmmm...
Insha Allah, we have come with a mission. The suffering of our brothers and sisters in Gaza is unbearable. Imagine us.. being nearer to them than to you guys. The again, with the barakah of the last 10 days of ramadhan insha Allah. The invasion inhumane casualties are increasing by every minute. Israelis are not reducing the magnitude of their attack. I pray to Allah to make things easy for us.

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