Friday, July 25, 2014

Gaza mission chronicles 5: Unstoppable just cause

We were waiting for that window, the window when there  was the possibility of aids that can be brought into Gaza from the outside world. This current conflict was a different situation, the prolonged bombings and retaliation that has murdered civilians in a very alarming number.Such injustice from where we are based, the neighboring country who would not allow it borders to be opened for foreigners to come in.
When Hamas's leader Khaled Meeshal came on air last Wednesday night, it was obvious what we wanted was nowhere at sight. We maybe selfish awaiting for him to accept a ceasefire for the two step solution which all logical negotiators would suggest. However upon hearing what the charismatic leader iterated in his 45 minutes speech, it was clear this time the Palestinian will go all out to claim what is their true rights. About time and despite what the predicted outcome will be, what is due is due. All this crap about Israel having the right to defend themselves is a jargon to sway the real issues away.. Occupier oppressing the real owners.
I guess what is happening now is the result of the unresolved issues in the middle peace process which was initiated in 1994 or even better since the cock up made by the British in 1948. Things being put aside and hoping that everybody would choose to forget about it is definitely not the best solution. The conflict is complicated and what it has shown me for this past few days has been clear. A bully will always bully regardless in a direct or indirect way. The Islamic faction has totally no political power to decide or even the power to negotiate. We can only see how stupid the whole world just sit down and aggreing to the killing justifications. Things which are ethically wrong may not be wrong when you have the deciding power. It is just so sad to see how we are totally bullied and controlled by the power in being.. the TRUE AXIS OF EVIL..
Our team came in with a clear objective but unfortunately we have to wait for it to be achieved. We have learnt a number of things as what we have planned may not be what we can achieve. The idea of having a rethink of what has happened had certainly made me reflect on the pressing issue of Gazans and myself. How Allah has given me his blessings back home and i do dare to ask for more. I am sure my contribution towards ummah should be one of my main objectives if it has not been already. I submit myself to Allah for all his plans that he has for all of us. 

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