Thursday, August 27, 2015

CVC Arrows in Bangkok

This was the training for trainers course where Arrows spefically chose us to be the bulk of trainers according to their Vascular access team in the US. The faculty was specially brought from US and we were exposed to their methods and standards. It was a good refreshers course for me as it was quite sometime back since i updated my knowledge in this. 
 We had participants from most ASEAN countries. Vietnam and Myanmar pulled out at the very last minute because of the bombing inicident. Singapore apparently had issues regarding the contract that they were supposed to sign. It was much fun having counterparts from ASEAN and we did exchange a lot of our experiences in this course.
 The highlight of this course was our visit to Siriraj hospital, perhaps the biggest hospital in BAngkok.We were priviledged to watch live cases inserted by their expert, Dr Praterp who i have met in a cardiac conference in Singapore back in 2013. He is a definitely the top guy in Bangkok and i am impressed with all his achievements. He was a good teacher as well. It would have been fun if i have had a stinit in this hospital during my training. 

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