Friday, August 14, 2015

Malaysia current issues : to just worry or to do something about it

Malaysia is dwelled into a crisis upon another. SInce the disappearance of MH370, it was catastrophy all the way. We may not have an outright natural disaster hitting us, but a collective exponential disasters is faced by the country. The worrying economic state and the moral turmoil of leadership would be the main topic which is being discussed by every Malaysian. 
If one noticed, I've not really commented on any of these issues. Too many keyboard warriors around and making unsubstantial claims and accusations. Some maybe too good to NOT be true, some scandalous and with conspiracy shadows behind every move and action. The demise of the DPM became a bit of dejavu to the 1998 debacle.
Neither side is winning this time, Its not a win-win or win-lose situation. Its totally lose-lose at the moment. We are all flabbergasted with the situation and perhaps wishing that we all wake up from our sleep and consider this just as a dream or nightmare. 
Unfortunately it is not. Unfortunately we are all involved. Unfortunately it will be our children and future generation who will suffer if we let all this nonsense to continue. It is easy to blurt it out but unfortunately, the power is not within our means. We have all forgotten what people power mean, we have all neglected the need to stand up for our rights. We are too comfortable in our deskjob middle class society that was strongly rooted in the past few generations.
What can we do about it? Start somewhere.. just start.. 

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