Thursday, August 27, 2015

The unfortunate Bangkok incident

It had been quite sometime since i took time off to attend courses or conference. This particular training in Bangkok was something not to be missed. However, i was due to fly on Tueday but on Monday evening the breaking news on CNN showed a public bombing done! It was at the Erawan shrine during peak hours. When i was watching the news, i thought.. eh.. my hotel is nearby! Ratchaprasong area along Ploenchit Road! Quickly i called Steven and he later replied that the programme was to proceed as planned. 
 It was nerve wrecking as upon arrival to Bangkok, there was news about the 2nd bomb on that day. Obviously it can be worrying to roam around in Bangkok during this period. However, we were reassured that the 2nd attack was at a very small scale and nobody was injured.
 We passed the bombed area before arriving at our hotel. It was still sealed but the road was open to public. Unfortunately 21 people died and they were really blown as according to the locals , body parts was all over the area.
Steven and I visited the area that night. It was the start of their vigil respect. The mood was sombre. It was sad as how innocent people were killed because of this act. Until today however, nobody has claimed responsible and the suspect is still at large.

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