Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The journey getting closer

After attending the Kursus Asas and intensive, it was time for Kursus Perdana. The state level course was held in Shah Alam Mosque early August. TH organizes such courses every year and it gives a realistic simulation of what to expect during Hajj in Makkah. There were about 2000 jamaah who came and I thought that was already a lot. I cannot imagine the overwhelming crowd of hundred thousands during the peak time in Makkah at that time. Subhanallah :)
                                                      mini kaabah
                                                    Safa to Marwah
We were simulating the Tamattu way of hajj. We started of with umrah in our ihrams and then proceeded to the hajj rituals.I thought it was cool for TH to have a mini Kaabah and area of saie for us to do the routine. It felt real and i guess when we are there, there is no time to think but just do it! 
 I felt humbled being present in the thousands, all equal wearng white cloth wrapping our bodies. I cannot imagine later being there in the spirit of submission. Subhanallah. May Allah ease my journey.
Doing the jamratul at night was equally cool. This is the usal time TH would encourage their jamaah to proceed with the rituals. I had my go at throwing haha 
Met Lanud and Johan. Lanud - who will be one of the medical officers in charge of us in Makkah and Johan, my colleague in UiTM who will be joining the Muassasah. Masha Allah. 
Insha Allah, may Allah easen my journey which should begin soon in mid September as Wukuf would be the last 1/3 of September.

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