Friday, November 26, 2004

The Incredibles

Pheewwwwwwww..... It had been a very busy week ; from monday till today.. but i managed to watch the show !! hehehehe... on dvd haram of course !! Kewl cartoon movie ; definitely made for ps2 n xbox - the graphic and movements.. definitely for console freaks..

I'm very tired lorr.. so tired.. the amount of patients that osmossed thru P2 was uncommentable. Gile ramai !! Imagine - when i was on call last Tuesday - the ward was full with patients 72 beds.. canvas dah penuh sampai pintu masuk - had to call the MO in charge of A & E to really filter patients who are to be admitted to the medical ward !!!

2 of the patients under my care died.. well , can't expect much as they came in very ill. But somehow - eventhough my resuscitation record is 0% so success in reviving them alive !! hehehehe mana taknya , sume dah asystole ( which means no heart beat tracing ) when i was called to attend them !! I realized that eventhough i dont like this posting at all , the experience that i've garnered so far is very useful. I'm here for almost a month , but it feels like i've been here for ages !! The workload is mad , the patients to entertain are humongous !! really testing one's patience.. I've not blown up yet as in loosing my cool lar .. cant imagine if i do one day , coz im not very nice when im that !! hehehehe kena warning sume staff nanti... DANGER LAL...

The day - post call , slept straight away when i got back .. from 6pm- 6am.. My darling wife tried to wake me up to eat.. i was unconcious by then , and guess what i answered ?? to document down my refusal to eat in the patient's file !!! hahahahaha when she told me that in the morning , i laughed like mad.. but still i am sleepy..

Even till now... till now... mmmmmm..sedapnya bantal tu...