Saturday, November 13, 2004

THe passing of ramadhan

Wow.. time just went by like that. Tonite is the last nite of ramadhan , bulan keberkatan is almost over. Geee.. feeling a bit guilty because this the first ramadhan where i missed most of the tarawikhs due to my work schedule. I did not do much ibadah this month , a bit rugi i felt. Well , typical of me , bila terhantuk baru nak mengadu.. Anyway , i pray to allah to forgive all my sins and my wrongdoings and do guide me to follow the right path.. insya-allah.

Last night's call was a bit jonah ( medics vocab : the unlucky.. )dont think it was me but my senior MO on call !! Patient kept coming in from 5 pm till late. and one 72 year odl chinese man died in the ward after an attack of hypoglycaemia. Pity him as his renal malfunctioned and caused his death. It was quite touching to see all his 3 children paid their last respect when the ecg went flatline.. hmmm.. dunno whether i can be calm when i am in the same position one day...

Then at about 1 am , a 38 year old indon came in with complaints of fever and letharginess for the past 1 week. He developed a very bad rash on his trunk and limbs and became bedriddn and confused for the past 2 days. I was dead worried about this patient collapsing on me - so was quite agressive in callin here and there - trying to manage the patient. My MO was a bit bz upstairs so i updated her thru the phone from time to time.He was sverely dehydrated and was not really responsive to my calling. His past history was not obtainable as it was his brother in law , sister in law who brought him to the hospital. Tried to insert a CBD ( medic vocab - the tube thru the penis to the bladder.. sounds aduuiiss isnt it..hehehe ) and he had a stricture !! i was unable to push it in thought of shoving it in but dont want to cause such trauma early in the morning.. I was thinking of Meningicoccal meningitis , but i did not take that much of extra precaution when i was touching him. this is a very deadly infective disease you see.

Apparently during morning rounds - My boss ( Chris Lee.. nope not the drakula chap.. hehehe ) freaked out when he saw the patient was gasping for air. He shouted for me , but i was glad that i documented what i did ( almost 2 pages ) so he was a bit satisfied with my management. He eventually smashed and roasted my mO. Kesian lak kat dia. And guess what the patient had to be intubated and brought to ICU. And i had to take a strong antibiotic to cover myself from this deadly disease that can be emmitted by touch , fluid.. damn.. i wasn't really proecting myself last nite !!!

Anyway , during the morning rounds i was so stoned and really sleepy. Hek , my call was ok in general but it was equally bad .. hehehehe but the next time a meninggococcal menigitis admitted to my ward - i know what to do.. :)

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skipper37 said...

Jonah is a navy term too, with the same meaning. :)