Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Raya in KL

Do you know how to sew the ketupat ? heks.. well, i used to be really good at it!! Unfortunately i've let my silky skills rot for the past 2-3 years... :(

Yesterday-s raya was kewl - both me n wife went to few houses - haniza's family side. Mak Teh in Taman Permata, Pakcik Nor in Kampung bharu , MAk Uda in PJ . I've not done this for quite some time and honestly i almost forgot that raya is the time where one meets up with family and firends to catch up with their endevours. It is different from attending open houses - it is more personal . I do have to ensure that i'll do this every year as this is one way to forge strong family ties.

In the evening , went to Elly's place in |Sri Damansara. A very cosy apartment! Mama n Papa was there too.. heks.. this is our own nuclear family !! She did not prepare much as i've told her not too.. too full with the food binge !! Giller banyak makan semalam.. hehehehehehe

Uhuks.. tomorrow on to work again!! aarrgghh.. really dreading the thought of stepping into P2 again.