Monday, November 22, 2004

Memorable Sunday

Anak melaka gagah perkasa ,
berkunjung meminang puteri diraja,
jauh kembara hajat terasa ,
memetik sekuntum bunga teruja..

Haks.. yup , yesterday was a very memorable Sunday. My closest cousin - Nazrin or fondly known as En was officially engaged to his "sweetheart" in Subang. Indeed , their love story is very similar to the hindustan genre ; my maklong was not keen at all with En's choice. And indeed he was very loyal ; waiting for more than 6 years before maklong gave in to En..Macam2 cabaran - Maklong actually looked for a suitable daugther in-law - still En said no. hehehehhehehe Sweet isn't it ?

Earlier i told myself i WILL attend the ceremony no matter what. Managed to get the day off eventhough Sunday was active.Lucky me !!

Anyway , Uncle Hasni was our speaker ; and boy was he charming. It was really nice to hear him talk and joke around - i am observing all the talk and trades ; as i will be the next generation to do this kind of stuffs later in life !!! The bit that i liked most was when he presented our gifts ( hantaran ) and each gift was with a pantun. It was beautifully arranged and invited grin and smile from the crowd. Smitten kata sesetengah orang !! well , being from Melaka , pantun is a big thingy!!!

The ceremony went well, Maktuk slit the ring on Aleza ( En's fiancee ) and Aleza actually broke into tears. According the the gossip circle ( Kak Nazaria and elly ) ye laaaa... siksa menunggu 7 tahun !!

Congratulations En !!!! the wedding should be in 6 months time; cant wait for this wedding. I really do appreciate En's help suring mine 3 years ago !! Hang on kazen !! i will be there for you.. heheheheh most likely , i will be his best man ; if there are no objections from any quarters.. *smile*

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