Thursday, November 04, 2004

Life in P2 , HKL

So tired aahh...

Ahaks , you know what ??? the one thing i dreaded most being in HKL became real to me last monday. Started my first day as junior MO in HKL in the medical posting !! the one i dont want to get myself into. But i had no choice , somehow i was deceived by the dr in charge - thought that i was going to be posted in NeuroSurgery.. but instead !! i was so pissed off when i saw the letter ; she recommended me to be posted in the MEDICAL department. bi..h !!!!! I was not happy then and i did express my thoughts to her. I will definitely push myself to the anaesthesia department by the 2nd month in Medicine. btw - i will be posted there for 3 months.

And of all the wards - i was placed in P2 - THE NIGHTMARE ON PAHANG STREET !! hahahaha 3rd class male ward - THE FAMOUS P2 .. The ward'S condition is.. haaakks.. macam gudang perang bang !! Any of you who'd been to HKL and P2.. yups.. you'll be surprised that in this millenium , there is such ward - in its own "unique"ness to still be present !! the condition is ..aarrghh.. dah la panas.. hhehehehe Seriously , i think one will be more sick after being admitted to the ward and one would rather prefer to have their stay short here !! hakss.. i was only able to go back home at 11 pm that day !!! damn.. missed the anticipated iftar with the TTDI pemuda boys in KGNS.. Sorry DIl !!!! My deepest apologies.. :(

And i am under Dr Badrul , the well known specialist amongst HKlians who can sometimes be mean to people. Well , you know - one of those fellas who you love to hate. But so far , i dont think i will be having any problem with him.. hehehehe so far ok lar.. and did my fisrt call yesterday.. perrgghhh... Menangis dik.... the amount of patients pouring into the ward was nightmare !!!! Gila ramai masuk at one time.. i'm glad that i have done my 3 postings.. coz somehow , i am not to anxious no too stressed out... :)

Btw - the patient i clerked yesterday at 2 pm - known case of PTB having shortness of breath collapsed in front of me !! he was cold and clammy.. haks.. shit man .. he was perfectly well before that.. and guess what , even though it was not entirely my fault.. i missed the pneumothorax on chest x-ray !!!!! and his lungs were expanding like mad when we intubated him.. Chest tube was inserted and he recovered... for a while.. when i came back at 10pm , was shocked to be told that the patient died.. and it is not really due to him being non-salvagable.. its just that the ICU ( the anaes team) called him at 8.30 pm when he stopped breathing at 8 pm !! kesian nurse tu dok bagging 2.5 jam .. hehehehe

Oklah , dah nak dekat time for break fast.. haks , will definitely have lots of _2 stories to tell.. :) Salams..

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