Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gasing yang berpusing..

IN due of the upcoming race , Azad initiated a "training" session on Sunday morning in BUkit Gasing to familiarised the route that we were going to participate in in a fortnight's time.We started early and were already climbing the Gasing hill by 8am. Mind you , its not the Bukit gasing where we used to "skodeng" people during our school days ( A very popular spot woo.. ) but the recreational forest behind it which surprisingly was huge !!

It was a nice "denai" route and i did enjoy it eventhough we only covered maybe half of the whole trail. We managed to climb the watch tower which has covered a good view of Gasing Hill peak and its surrounding ! Honestly , i never knew about the place till today .. Have heard of it , in the papers and tv ( especially after the uproar recently as it will be developed.. you know the Save the Earth plea... ) and no wonder the residents want to preserve of what we currently have now !!


Azad said...

Waa... semangat-semangat!


mafiz said...

Pakai baju MU.. semangat lain skit..with honour babe..kekeke