Monday, December 17, 2007

Gambling the fun

We were hoping Dzaeffran's lesion would clear off so that we could attend Azman's ( Edrus's) birthday. It was not so convincing ; and we decided not to attend to avoid spreading chicken pox epidemic ! We all had fun the other day going to the zoo ; spontaneously , we decided to bring both Qaisya and Dzaeff to " Kota Keriangan" Genting !!!!
Of course , this time around it is not about us but about the kids ! Gone were the days i would valiantly thread on my adrenaline and scream my lungs out. Now , its about wait..and wait..and wait... hahahaha.. but I am not complaining ! Seeing both of them enjoying themselves is indeed rewarding ; and watching them adapting to the different ambient temperature was cute to make me smile before I go to sleep ..:)

Sejuk.... intermittently though..

Jumbo trip

It has always been his dream to drive the family

classic Ferris

With the sponsor

One for the album !

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