Sunday, December 02, 2007

Life goes on

Post exams , I certainly felt a bit loss. For the past 6 months ; my main concern was passing the exams and it was just about physio and pharmaco mugging , again and again without fail. Though at times it became a bore but the show had to go on. I suffered from a bit of "withdrawal" for the past 1 week , coming back home and felt like I did not know what else to do. TV or movie did not interest me . I felt the night was too long !
Work resumed and being on call as the CRASH person on Friday woke me up from my long slumber. I realized that a lot of my judgement on that day was rusty and clouded. ( macam Star Wars la pulak ! ). Being the person to be relied on became a challenge and I was a bit slow to do my usual thing. Felt really really karat - and i realized ..oh no.. i have to buck up as I am going to be in UMMC ICU for the next three months !!
Lessons I learnt from my Friday call :
1) Make your own differential diagnosis. Do not rely on the physician/ surgeon 's opinion.
2) Play it safe ; do not be too confident especially regarding airways.

3) sharpen the setting up of lines skill.

4) Consider A-Z and never take short cuts !

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Maswafi Abd Samat said...

Agreed with you never take short cuts!!!