Saturday, December 15, 2007

Its a zoo day after all

After a lapse of more than 25 years , I returned to Zoo Negara today ; with my offsprings this time. I've always remembered the smell as it is the one thing i really can't stand . It still smells the same though !! hahahahaha It was a fun outing with Dzaeffran running around liberally ; as happy as he can be. To hear him naming the animals as he sees them was a delight ! Now he knows that the characters in his favourite book at home is indeed real ; alive and kicking !

a must standard protocol pic

Trunk call anybody ?

eat me

E = mc2

Don't be sad.. :)

I don't wanna go home...

Though nothing compared to Singapore zoo , it was an enjoyable trip and now i understand why it is so much fun to bring children to the zoo.

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*heartbeat* said...

beside being a teacher,

i respect most all the doctors around the world!

strong heart!