Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hello uncle..

Hepatic encephalopathy patient ; Intubated for airway protection 3 days back because his conscious level decreased markedly. Apparently , according to the medical team , his GCS improved ; and I was asked to review so that he can be extubated ; if possible immediately.

" Uncle apa khabar ? "
He was looking at me.. smiled and nodded with the endotracheal tube still intact.
" Uncle mau tube keluar hari ni... ? "
Still looking at me , smiled and nodded.
" Uncle boleh batuk ? "
still again.. looking at me ; smiled and nodded.Hmmmm...
" Uncle , ini saya pakai baju biru ka ? " I was wearing my red baju melayu.
Again.. the same response... nodded and smiled.
" Uncle , sekarang boleh balik rumah.. ? "
He smiled and nodded. I stopped asking , and moved to the side.

Haks.. he was still looking at the place where I was standing.. pause and smiled and nod !
I guess ; he's not ready yet .... :)

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