Friday, April 11, 2008

Top of the hill

It was good to be able to play badminton again. I had to miss it for the past 2 weeks because of my call. It was minimal attendance but the workout was good. Kamal is back for good from UK and he of course enjoyed the company. Me and Azad went jogging in between the games played ; i suppose the euphoria of running is still high !
Unfortunately I had to miss the Gunung Lebah trip tomorrow which Azad will be joining due to personal reasons. I wished that i had registered for it and it must be really soothing to be on top of the mountain. Such solace and beauty .. hmm.. i can;t go last minute as well because I will be on call again on Saturday ; and the working conditions in UMMC will be tougher in this second half of the month. Mainly due to the shortage of staff who'll be on leve because of exams.
I still have the Orange Run on Sunday morning at the Curve ! It'll be just 9km ; and like last year i know this run will be fun ! I dunno how i will be fully energized to do the run after the 24 hours on call ? hahahaha.. bila dah gila.. memang makin gile !!

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Azad said...

That was a good run innit? Lets do that again next week.