Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Post euphoria

It was back to reality today ; not the April Fool but I am back in ICU. I had no choice but to be here this month. The department is collapsing because a big number of MOs will be on study leave and the last 2 weeks of April will be hell ! Ni yang tak seronok ni.. Well, ICU is not that bad though , no premeds and you know what time you will go back everyday..

On another note , I'm having a headache as well organizing the dinner. Its this tiny weeny stuffs which is bugging me. I've yet to have an MC , the door gifts and Lucky draw prizes !! On top of that , the surprise performance I'm planning with my colleagues , the video show.. and those are the reasons why i am not asleep yet !

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Huzai said...

Hi Dr. M, been reading ur blog since the last 3 addicted to ur ramblings I guess.
Am doing event mgt, perhaps I could help you with the emcee and the door gift.