Monday, November 17, 2008

Friso Brings My Family Out

( for this competition )

Hi ! My name is Dzaeffran. I've just turned 3 last Sunday! They say that your 17th will be the most memorable but I guess I just have to wait huh.. ( 17 is after 16 right ? )
This is my first time blogging. I've observed my Walid ( dad ) doing this almost everyday and how hard can it be ? I can bet that most of you will doubt this posting and wonder how did I ever learn about typing my thoughts on the computer? Heard of Mozart ?? ( You should watch Little Einstein ..its educational ! )

Both my parents are Doctors. Honestly , I don't know what they do but they are always busy at the hospital. I went to there once and got poked ! It was an unpleasant experience ( Uncle ( the doctor who took my blood ) .. watch out , I'm gonna get ya ! ). Anyway , it had been quite some time since the whole family went out for a holiday. Walid and Umi are busy with their work and exams ; and everyday becomes a routine for us. Both me and my sister , Qaisya go to the nursery everyday , sometimes Nenek or Tok Ma will pick us up from school. It can be pretty boring watching Disney Channel Play House everyday :(

I just love having day out with the family. It is so much fun ! Everytime i see my parents bring the big bags out , I know we are going for a long journey out! I become excited and Qaisya somehow knows it too.
When we are away from home , everybody is cheerful ! Walid will be singing and singing non stop while Umi busy taking care of our milk and food. I love to see Walid and Umi laugh at our antiques ; me and my sister can get along really well at times ! Walid can become angry at times especially when I poo or pee ; I dunno whats his problem with that though ?
The other day , I saw an AD over the internet while Walid was surfing the Internet ; Its the NUFFNANG FRISO FAMILY DAY OUT !! Its coming soon and I am so excited !! I tried to tell both Walid and Umi that we all should go for it but somehow the message did not get across. We tried may ways :

we took all our soft toys out and pretended the event but my parents thought we were just being naughty...

Qaisya gave a convincing lobby speech but it was in ladybird language . I performed yoga to express my feelings but still , Walid and Umi can't seem to understand our cryptic message !!

Since both Qaisya and me are really determined to go for the event , we came out with our own plan.. hmmmm.. We'll go there without Walid and Umi !!!
Since then , we've been training hard.

Qaisya has learnt the art of fitting into travel bags so that she can sneak out when Umi goes to work.

I am now the master of disguise... When I have tepung kormak over me , I am invisible !!

We've both mastered the art of survival. We know how to make the sand as our staple food . However , one needs a lot of imagination for this skill though. I still prefer my milk.

And come 29th of November , You'll see us both in One Utama proud on our ride !!

Opppsss... Walid is awake now .I better log off and hide this post ; the MASTER PLAN for our mission to NUFFNANG FRISCO BRINGS MY FAMILY OUT !!


Ajami Hashim said...


dear Dzaeffran & Qaisya,

both of us, Abang (Aliff) & Adik (Awal) can't wait to meet you guys there ;-)

take care! selamat minum susu!

Pak Long said...

haha,funny!! :) btw,pak ngah.. kena post the link over at the nuffnang webpage itself, or just through the email given?

all the best of luck, dzaeffran! :) Cousin alanna wishes you'll win the grand prize too, boleh kirim barang mickey mouse!! :)

Dr.M said...

Aliff n Awal : c u there !!

Pak Long : according to the competition regulation , send the link thru the email je..

supermummy said...

hi my first time on this blog...good luck to u dzaeffran..and auntie hoping to see u at the event! this entry is really really cute..kehkeh..