Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A reminder i received from a friend. Good to ponder..
Weakness In Morals : Proof Of Lack Of Faith
Faith is imperfect without morality. Faith is such a power that it keeps men away from low attributes and mean acts, and encourages him to achieve high attributes and clean morals. That is why whenever Allah called his slaves towards virtue or whenever He wanted them to hate evil, He declared it as an essential requirement of the Faith in their hearts. For example when He, in Surah Tauba, commands men to adopt righteousness and to speak truth, He addresses them as "0 you who have faith" (or "O you who believe") : "0 you, who have faith ! Fear Allah and be with the truthful people." .....(Surah At-Tauba : 119)
Allah's Messenger has nicely explained it that when faith is firm and belief is strong, then strong and lasting moral will be developed, and if the moral character is low then faith will accordingly be weak. A man, who is immodest and ill-mannered and who adopts bad habits without caring for others, is like the person about whom the holy Prophet has said, "Modesty and faith are twins. One who gives up one has to lose the other too."
Once the Prophet passed by an Ansari who was scolding his brother about his immodesty. The Prophet advised him to let him go as modesty was a branch of faith. A man who harasses his neighbor and makes him suffer any kind of damage is called cruel and stone hearted by the religion. In this connection the decision of the Prophet is:"By God, he cannot be a Momin; by God, he cannot be a Momin; by God, he cannot be a Momin. He was asked: "who"? He answered: "He from whose misdeeds his neighbor is not safe." .....(Sahih Bukhari)
The holy Prophet advises his companions to keep away from the talk that is trash, the acts that are wicked, and the deeds that are senseless.
He says:"A person who believes in Allah and the Hereafter should speak about good things or else should keep quiet." .....(Sahih Bukhari)
In this way through the truth of faith and by means of its perfection noble qualities are nurtured and developed and they are guarded and kept secure till they bear fruits.
A true Muslim should avoid having rows of prayers disrupted, hearts sad, and prayers tasteless. However, you will also find such people, who will be calling themselves Muslims, yet they will be lazy in offering compulsory prayers, and will be posing in the public as if they are very keen on establishing these prayers. But they will not lag behind at the same time in acting in such a way that will be contrary to the demands of the noble character and perfect faith. Such people have been warned by the holy Prophet and the Ummah has been asked to be careful of them.

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