Monday, November 17, 2008

Kakii's best buddies competition

I'm putting this post up as a pre-requisite for this competition. Hopefully dapatlah something since gambar Mafiz pun ada sekali... hahahahha
I must say , I've shared my wonderful outdoor experiences this year with my best buddies. Latest being the Genting Trailblazer !! The badminton , 10k , 21k , trail runs were awesome ! Finishing the mission together is certainly an achievement ; priceless...

Camp Lolo , Nuang 2008

peak of Mt Trusmadi , Sabah 2008

TrusmadiTambuyokon expedition 2008

post badminton carbo-loading

KL Marathon 2008

Duathlon UM 2008

McDonalds run 2008

post Genting trailblazer 2008

The picture says it all !


harizah hatim said...

who says doctors' life are unhealthy! hehe

seem to get that impression studying in bandung. The residents here are all too busy keeping up with their work and studies. Makan tak cukup, tido tak cukup, mandi pon tak basah.

is it like that in malaysia??
2 more years to go.. can't wait to go home!

Azad said...

Its a nice feeling to see that I'm one of your best buddies. Macam cerita Friends