Saturday, November 29, 2008


I just came back from the FRISCO Nuffnang Family day out event in Sports Gym , One Utama. Woww... I am soo damn tired and the kids.. hahahaha.. lagi la !! I really had my hands full trying to take things into control but children will always be children !!! Hhahahaha Memang penat ahh nak jaga budak 2 orang sekali gus.. :) MY right bicep is a bit sore now and i reckon had fast- track isometric workout today carrying Qaisya !
I will write more about what happened today later.. I am too knackered to blog it out at the moment !! I got interviewed by NST too focusing blogger dad !! Hahahaha tak tau bila keluar but of course , i will post it when it is out !

RM100 MPH voucher I won for blogging this entry. This would answer wifey's continuous sceptical question to the benefits and perks of blogging !!


norzu said...

Congrats, doc! Tak sia-sia mengarang entry creative tu, eh :)

Pak Long said...

sounds like they had a *blast!!* good for you both, dzaeff & qaisya!! sorry again coz alanna couldn't make it *sighs*..same ol same ol story ;)